Radio and TV stations ask Nielsen to find out what programs people tune in to.

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Have you ever wondered how radio companies decide what to put on the air? In large part, those decisions are based on feedback from people like you.

For more than 50 years, Nielsen has been a leading provider of media and marketing information, including the Nielsen Radio and TV ratings. We find out what radio stations people like you in your community listen to and what they have to say about them. Radio stations, advertisers, media companies, and other businesses use this information to better serve you, including making programming decisions. Nielsen randomly selects households to participate in its ratings and research, so this may be your only opportunity to have your voice heard.

Nielsen is a research company and is committed to protecting information you provide us. When we share information with other companies for research purposes, we require that same protection. Our published research reports do not contain personally identifiable information. We will NOT provide your name, address, or telephone number to other companies who would put you on a mailing list for fundraising or try to sell you something. And we will never ask you to buy anything. In fact, you can earn cash rewards by being a part of our research!

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You may have received a letter from us. This is our way of letting you know that we’ll be contacting you soon. If you’ve already agreed to participate, you’ll soon be receiving a brightly colored box. It will contain everything you need to let radio stations, advertisers, media companies, and other businesses know what you listen to. Your input and opinions really count!

We hope we can count on you to participate. If you have any unanswered questions, call us toll-free at 1‑800‑204‑3174. If you haven’t already agreed to participate, you can call us at that same number to say “YES!” or click here to enroll.

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