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Radio Today Insights Update
Issue V


Mexican Regional Keeps Listeners Tuned In

Cover image of Radio Today 2011 studyArbitron's just-released 2011 edition of Radio Today revealed that the Mexican Regional format was one of the biggest share gainers from 2010 to 2011 (2.7% to 3.0%). It continued to be the top format choice among Hispanic radio listeners—by a large margin.

Read the 2011 Radio Today study.

For a more in-depth look at Hispanic American radio listening, stay tuned for the 2011 Hispanic Radio Today, slated for Fall release. Its release will salute the strong heritage of the Hispanic American community.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed annually from September 15 to October 15. The observance celebrates the history, culture and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Many Latin American countries also observe their independence on days that fall during the month.

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Get Primetime Reach Throughout the Day
Radio and Television Creates Great Synergy

Cover image of The Impact of Combining Local Radio and TV on AdvertisingA recent study conducted by Arbitron and Entravision revealed that when combined, radio and TV delivered near-primetime audience levels throughout the broadcast day. Using the cross-platform capabilities of Arbitron's PPM media measurement system, the study monitored Entravision's five Denver radio and TV broadcast properties.

Learn more about how Entravision demonstrated that combining radio and TV ad schedules can increase reach.


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Power of the Latino Consumer
Tap Into America's Second Largest Demographic Group

Chart showing Hispanics Dominate Radio ListeningArbitron research has shown Latino radio listeners are loyal, as they spend more time per week with radio than the general market. This consumer group is one of importance and power, comprising 16 percent of the U.S. population and 11 percent of the country's total buying power. That spending power is projected to increase from $1 trillion in 2010 to $1.5 trillion in 2015, according to the most recent University of Georgia Selig Multicultural Economy Study.

Source: RADAR 109, Cume Reach

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How Midas Used Network Radio to Target Locally

Cover image of The Midas Touch for Your BrandArbitron interviewed Lisa Wellington, Sr. Manager of Marketing Planning at Midas, to get an in-depth look at the company's switch to from network TV to network radio. She explained how Midas took advantage of network radio's ability to maintain its local relevance while at the same time delivering a national footprint.

Read the latest issue.


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Radio Listening Remains Strong

Radio continues to play an important role in listeners’ lives, young and old. Recently released Arbitron data shows that while today's listeners may have more entertainment options available, radio remains a presence and a strong one at that.

Chart showing Radio Reaches Over 93% of PopulationA national look at the 2011 American radio listener with Arbitron RADAR data reveals that:

  • The number of people 12+ who listen to radio has remained consistent over the last five years.
  • Radio consistently reaches 93.1% to 96% of virtually every demographic group.

Source: RADAR 110, September 2011

This consistency is apparent if you trend PPM data in 17 of the PPM Markets from 2009 through 2011. The data showed that:

    Chart showing Radio's Reach is Consistent Year Over Year
  • Reach and time spent listening for young people—persons aged 18-34—has remained consistent over the past three years.
  • Radio has reached 94% of persons 18-34 consistently over the past three years.

Source: Persons 18-34 Weekly Cume Among 17 PPM Markets; NY, LA, Chi, Phil, SF, Hou, RSB, Atl, DFW, Det, DC, Bos, MFL, Phx, SD, Min, Sea. Persons 18-34 Weekly Cume and Time Spent Listening Among 17 PPM Markets that have been Currency 3+ Years

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PPM ratings are based on audience estimates and are the opinion of Arbitron and should not be relied on for precise accuracy or precise representativeness of a demographic or radio market.


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Mexican Regional Keeps Listeners Tuned In

Get Primetime Reach Throughout the Day

Power of the Latino Consumer

How Midas Used Network Radio to Target Locally

Radio Listening Remains Strong

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Radio Today Quick Stat:
Tie for Top Spot in Time Spent Listening
Mexican Regional tied the News/Talk/Information format for the top spot in time spent listening with a total time of 6 hours and 45 minutes per week for Persons 12 and older, as shown in the 2011 Radio Today annual study. Download the study.

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